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First Down Flag Football Refund & Future Credit Policy (“Refund Policy”)

First Down Football, LLC., D.B.A. First Down Flag Football and affiliates and subsidiaries (together with First Down Football, LLC, collectively, “First Down Flag”) requires all potential participants and potential registrants (“Participant” or “Participants”) to fully understand, acknowledge and agree to this Refund Policy prior to registering their child/ward. Neither refunds nor future credits will be issued to any Participant due to over scheduling of the Participant or their child/ward. All First Down Flag programs require a minimum commitment of two hours per week on a Saturday and/or weekday depending on the respective league during the scheduled season. Participants that are unwilling or unable to make that commitment will not receive any refunds or future credits for missed practices or games.

First Down Flag discourages Participants from registering only on condition of specific team placement or coach assignment.  In the event Participants are not assigned to a specific team, coach or partnered with specific other participants, even if requested, refunds or future credits will not be issued.


All requests for refunds or future credits (each, a “Refund Request”) will only be considered upon Participant’s written notice to First Down Flag Football at [email protected] before the applicable registration deadline (the “Refund Notice Period”).  For the avoidance of doubt, the Refund Notice Period specifically excludes any late registration phase or period permitted in writing by First Down Flag.  Notwithstanding, anything to the contrary herein, Participant shall not receive any refunds or future credits whatsoever with respect to any Refund Requests received by First Down Flag after expiration of the Refund Notice Period, except in connection with a Force Majeure (as defined by the Force Majeure Cancellation Policy, which is incorporated by reference herein and available here):

  • All processing fees and donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Any refunds issued AFTER the league deadline will be subject to a $30.00 administrative fee that will be subtracted from the total refund amount.

  • All Refund Requests must be submitted in writing by Participant to First Down Flag as described in this Refund Policy.

  • In order for a Refund Request to be processed it must be received by First Down Flag before the expiration of the Refund Notice Period.  This does not include refunds or credits to be issued pursuant to a Force Majeure per the terms below.

  • Refunds issued pursuant to Refund Requests made prior to the expiration of the Refund Notice Period will include the division price and all additional merchandise reflected in the order, minus any discounts applied and the $30.00 administrative fee. This administrative fee is applied to refunds requested after the league deadline. 

  • Refunds will be issued to the original form of payment.  If the original form of payment is not available to process the refund, as determined by First Down Flag in its sole and absolute discretion, a manual check will be written to the Participant’s primary guardian on the account and sent to the address on the account. 

  • No refunds will be issued for merchandise purchased at time of registration or during the season for any reason with the exception of manufactured defects.  All defects must be reported to [email protected] to be rectified.

  • In cases of illness or emergency after expiration of the Notice Refund Period, participant must provide First Down Flag written documentation of the applicable illness or emergency to consider a future credit request. First Down Flag will consider the request for a future credit in its sole and absolute discretion. No refund will be provided based on illness or emergency.

  • No refund will be provided for participants whose season has been terminated or suspended due to their parent/or guardian violating the Parent Code of Conduct.

  • No refund shall be given for any registrant whose parent/guardian provided false information to First Down Flag in the registration process in violation of the Falsifying Information Policy.

Notwithstanding, anything to the contrary herein, refunds or credits for future seasons based on the cancellation of the applicable seasons by First Down Flag for reasons beyond the control of First Down Flag are specifically governed by the 2021 Force Majeure Cancellation, Refund, and Credit Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference and available here


All Leagues will offer one make-up per season. Should multiple cancellations occur within the season, First Down Flag Football shall have the option to create double headers and modify the season schedule to accommodate make-up games.  Since there are certain situations beyond our control, First Down Flag Football will do its very best but is not obligated to make up games that are canceled, due to several factors that are out of our control the reschedules are not always possible. The Weather Policy shall be applied with and in compliance with the Refund Policy and the Force Majeure Cancellation Policy, both of which are incorporated by reference herein.


Personal Information will not be sold by our company.  Personal information will be shared for team related purposes (team rosters, practices and carpooling) and consistent with the First Down Flag Football Privacy Policy which is incorporated herein by reference.



If you are caught falsifying information on this registration, your child/ward will be removed from this program with absolutely no refunds or credit being provided. Teams are formed by SCHOOL and by AGE/GRADE APPROPRIATENESS. The integrity of this league depends on the truthfulness of this information. Therefore, First Down Flag Football reserves the right to request and you agree to provide proof of school, grade, or age. Failure to provide requested proof of school, grade, or age, may also result in your child/ward’s removal from this program with no refund in the sole discretion of First Down Flag Football.  This Falsifying Information Policy will be applied consistent with the First Down Flag Football Refund Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference.



I hereby grant First Down Flag Football permission and license to use, print, publish, broadcast, or post in First Down Flag Football related newsletters, brochures, websites or other media the photographs, video, audio or other materials which I or my child(ren) or ward(s) may have appeared, spoken, written or otherwise participated (“Material”). I authorize representatives of First Down Flag Football to use any of this Material without notice, obtaining additional consent or providing additional consideration. This Photography and Multimedia Policy will be applied in conjunction with and consistent with the First Down Flag Football Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference herein.



The mission of  First Down Football, LLC., D.B.A. First Down Flag Football (“First Down Flag”), and First Down Flag’s affiliates and subsidiaries, including without limitation Reigning Champs Leagues, LLC and Reigning Champs LLC (together with First Down Football, LLC., collectively, “First Down Flag”), is to develop confidence, self-esteem, and sportsmanship through the performance of recreational team sports, while promoting physical and moral character development to all participants. To ensure the appropriate atmosphere for these activities, the organization has adopted a zero tolerance policy in the enforcement of the Parent’s Code of Conduct.

* I hereby agree to and pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child/ward participating in activities of First Down Flag by following this Parents’ Code of Ethics.

* I (and my guests) will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice or other event.

* I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures.

* I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child/ward ahead of my personal desire to win.

* I will never ridicule or yell at my child/ward or other participant for making a mistake of losing a competition.

* I will insist that my child/ward play in a safe and healthy environment.

* I will require that my child/ward’s coach be trained in the responsibilities of being a coach and that the coach upholds the Coaches’ Code of Conduct.

* I will support coaches and officials working with my child/ward, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

* I will demand a sports environment for my child/ward that is free from drugs, tobacco and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all events.

* I will remember that the game is for youth - not adults.

* I will do my very best to make youth sports fun for my child/ward. I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.

* I will help my child/ward enjoy the experience by doing whatever I can, such as being a respectful fan, assisting with coaching, or providing transportation.

I do understand and agree that I will abide by the above Code of Conduct, If I do not live up to the Parents’ Code of Conduct, I will be subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following: verbal warning by official, coach, or On-site director; ejection from gym or field; parental game suspension, game forfeit; or season suspension with no refund of fees and no credits for future seasons.  I understand and agree that this Parent Code of Conduct will be applied in conjunction with and consistently with the Refund Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference.

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